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Avalon Chronicles # 105: "Resources for Growth of Faith-Part II"

Avalon Chronicles #105: "Resources for Growth of Faith-Part II'

By the Honorable Allen B. Clark               

III. Command and General Staff Colleges/Senior Non-Commissioned Officers Academies
      A. Healing
          1. Cox, Everett. Doing the Supernatural Works of Jesus. Xulon Elite. 2010.
          2. Lake, John G. The Complete Collection of His Life Teachings. Compiled by Roberts Liardon. 2005.
                                      John Lake on Healing. Compiled by Roberts Liardon. 2009.
          3. Wright, Henry W. A More Excellent Way to Be in Health. New Kensington, PA.: Whitaker House. 2009.
          4. The Twelve Steps for Christians. Revised edition. Based on Biblical Teachings. Curtis, WA.: RPI Publishing, Inc. 1994.
          5. Wigglesworth, Smith. Healing. New Kensington, PA.: Whitaker House. 1999.
       B. Senior Faculty Instructors: There are three teachers that I have found to be the most helpful to me in development of my faith walk. They are Derek Prince, an Englishman, who served in North Africa in WWII, and an American couple, Chuck and Nancy Missler. There are numerous books and You Tube videos for them.
IV. Senior War Colleges (Army, Navy, and Air Force)
       A. Spiritual Warfare
           1. Larson, Bob. Larson's Book of Spiritual Warfare. Nashville, TN.: Thomas Nelson. 1999.
           2. Caldwell, Taylor. Dialogues With the Devil. Mattituck, NY.: Aeonian Press, Inc. Reprint 1976.
           3. Lewis, C.S. The Screwtape Letters. New York: Simon & Schuster. 1996.
           4. Martin, Malachi. Hostage to the Devil. San Francisco, CA.: Harper. 1992.
           5. Peck, M. Scott, M.D.. Glimpses of the Devil. New York: Free Press. 2005.
           6. Phillips, Ron. Everyone's Guide to Demons & Spiritual Warfare. Lake Mary, FL.: Charisma House. 2010.
           7. Prince, Derek. Rules of Engagement. Grand Rapids, MI.: Chosen Books. 2012.
       B. Deliverance
            "In my Name shall they cast out devils." Mark 16:17. (KJV).
           1. Clark, Randy. The Biblical Guide to Deliverance. Lake Mary, FL.: Charisma House. 2015.
            "The reason for Jesus' death, resurrection in power, and ascension onto the throne of the universe was to war against Satan and his angels (demons), and to declare; 'Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Christ. For the accuser of our brothers, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down.'" Revelation 12:10. (NKJV).
           2. MacNutt, Francis. Deliverance from Evil Spirits. Grand Rapids, MI.: Chosen Books. 1995.
           3. Prince, Derek. They Shall Expel Demons. Grand Rapids, MI.: Chosen Books. 1998.
           4. Sandford, John & Mark. Deliverance and Inner Healing. Grand Rapids, MI.: Chosen Books. 1992.
           5. A dear personal friend of mine is Everett Cox, who is the founder of a deliverance ministry in Oklahoma City. He served in the U.S. Navy and has been a guest in our home. His ministry for deliverance is found at

Avalon Chronicles # 104: "Resources for Growth of Faith-Part I"

Avalon Chronicles #104: "Resources for Growth of Faith-Part 1"

by the Honorable Allen B. Clark            

Introduction: The United States military is an organization that engages in continuing education and training throughout one's service to our nation. For a military career at every rank there are new and advanced levels of training and growth. It is the same for our own personal education and growth for our faith walk. This message is divided into four sections over two parts for advancing levels of maturing and enhancement of personal faith comparable to stair-stepped levels of career military training. All of the following resources are in the personal libraries of my wife's or my own. Most have been read and studied by either or both of us. Others we have referred to often as helpful references.
I. Basic Training (Officers and Enlisted)
"If Christianity is not true, it is unimportant. If it is true, nothing is more important." C.S. Lewis.
    A. Holy Bible-Life Application Bibles
         1. Tyndale House (King James Version).
         2. Tyndale House and Zondervan (New International Version).
         3. The Everyday Life Bible. Notes and Commentary by Joyce Meyer. Faith Words. 2018.
    B. Introduction to the Christian Faith
         1. Deere, Philip. God's Master Plan of Salvation. Belvidere, IL.: Voice Publishing. Updated 2018.
         2. Murray, Andrew (several publishers). Abide in Christ and Absolute Surrender.
         3. Thomas, Major W. Ian. The Saving Life of Christ. Grand Rapids, MI.: Zondervan. 1973.
    C. Daily Devotional
         1.Young, Sarah. Jesus Calling. Daily Devotional. Nashville, TN.: Thomas Nelson. 2011.
         2. Wigglesworth, Smith. Smith Wigglesworth on Manifesting the Power of God: Walking in God's Anointing Every Day of the Year. Shippensburg, PA.: Destiny Images. 2016.
II. Advanced Individual Training-Officer Career Courses
     A. Prayer
         1. Bounds, E.M. Power Through Prayer and Purpose in Prayer.
         2. Finney, Charles G. Answers to Prayer and Principles of Prayer.
         3. Murray, Andrew. The Believer's School of Prayer and With Christ in the School of Prayer. 
     B. Healing From Spiritual Bondage
         1. Savard, Liberty. Liberty Savard Ministries. P.O. Box 41260 Sacramento, Ca. 95841
                                        North Brunswick, NJ.: Bridge-Logos.
                       a. Breaking the Power. 1997.
                       b. Shattering Your Strongholds. 6th Ed. 1998.
                       c. Producing the Promise. 1999.
         2. Meyer, Joyce. Battlefield of the Mind. New York: Faith Words. 2011.
         3. Miller, J.Keith. Sin Overcoming the Ultimate Deadly Addiction. San Francisco: Harper&Row. 1987
      C. Near Death and Out of Body Experiences
          1. Burke, John. Imagine Heaven. Grand Rapids, MI.: Baker Books. 2015.
          2. Piper, Don. 90 Minutes in Heaven. Grand Rapids, MI.: Anniversary issue. Revell. 2014.
      D. Prophecy
          1. LaHaye, Tim and Ed Hinson (General Editors). The Popular Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy. Eugene, OR.: Harvest House. 2004.
          2. LaHaye, Tim and Thomas Ice. Charting the End Times. Eugene, OR.: Harvest House. 2001.
          3. Walvoord, John F. Major Bible Prophecies. Grand Rapids, MI.; Zondervan. 1991.


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Avalon Chronicles #103: "Science and Faith-Wernher von Braun"

Avalon Chronicles #103: "Science and Faith-Wernher von Braun"

By the Honorable Allen B. Clark

References: "Nazi Rocket Scientist Wernher von Braun Converted to Christ," Interviewed by C.M. Ward (May 9, 1966). This week in A.G. History June 26, 1966. By Darin J. Rodgers. (accessed 6/10/2019). The Religious Affiliation of Rocket Engineer and Inventor Wernher von Braun. (accessed 6/10/2019).

My wife Linda was doing some internet searching and came across an article by Assemblies of God radio preacher C.M. Ward and his 1966 interview of Wernher von Braun (1912-1977). Von Braun had been a developer during World War II of the German V-1 and V-2 rockets, which were built by slave labor and were launched by the Nazis, causing thousands of deaths. The deaths caused significant anguish to von Braun, instigating his arrest by the Gestapo with an accusation of disloyalty. Only intervention by Nazi leader Albert Speer reinstated von Braun.
At the end of WWII von Braun arranged for 500 highly-valuable German scientists to be available to be captured by the Americans rather than by any of the other Allies or by Russia. Von Braun and his scientists were relocated to El Paso, Texas, where they became the core group for advancement of American space programs, especially for military applications.
Ward reported, "In Germany, von Braun had been nominally Lutheran, but functionally atheist. He had no interest in religion or God." However, in Texas he visited a church and his life changed forever. "...he found a small white frame building with a vibrant congregation of people, who loved the Lord. He realized that he had been morally adrift and that he needed to surrender himself to God. He converted to Christ and, over the coming years, became quite outspoken in his evangelical faith and frequently addressed the complementarity of faith and science."
The adherents article referenced above has some very compelling writings about von Braun. A major source was from: Ernest Stuhlinger and Frederick I. Ordway III book Wernher von Braun: Crusader for Space: A Biographical Memoir. Krieger Publishing Company. Malabar, Florida (1994). For 34 years Stuhlingen was associated with von Braun as was Ordway for 25 years.
On a visit to the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, von Braun sat down and played "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" on their famous organ. (Crusader: 11).
Von Braun became the head of NASA, but "Among the many projects that von Braun led to success, the most demanding and impressive was the Saturn V rocket that launched astronauts on their way to the moon." After the astronauts had returned safely, von Braun was asked what he thought after he had given the "go" order. He answered, "I said the Lord's Prayer." (Crusader: 269-273).
Stuhlinger and Ordway wrote in pages 269-273:
He had delved deeper into the world of engineering and science, and he had become familiar with economical problems, diplomatic activities, educational systems, even military planning, than most other people; now he wished to round off his view of the world by integrating also the basic elements of religious thought into the far-reaching concept of our earthly existence.
He read the writings of Immanuel Kant and therein found the link between that which may be seen in the world and the world not seen, and he became convinced that our incredible existence must be a result of some master plan. He became convinced that there had to be a unique design to it all. frequently he would be asked if he believed in God. He always answered, "Yes absolutely."
The authors reported his own words about his belief: "To me it would be incomprehensible that there should be a gigantic master plan without a master planner behind it. This master planner is He whom we call the Creator of the Universe....One cannot be exposed to the law and order of the universe without concluding that there must be a Divine intent behind it all."
Von Braun had a very fascinating opinion of the interrelationship of science and religion: "Theologians are trying to describe the Creator, scientists are trying to describe His creation...While, through science, man tries to harness the forces of nature around him, through religion he tries to harness the forces of nature within him...We have learned that God does not interfere in the free order of life and nature which he created."
When once asked about his opinion of the afterlife, he replied, "I believe in an immortal soul that can cherish the rewards or suffer the penalty decreed in the Last Judgment."
Von Braun declared: "We cannot live without ethical laws and some belief in a Last Judgment, where every one of us has to account for what he did with God's precious gift of life on Earth...More than ever, mankind's survival depends on adherence to some basic ethical principles. Our adherence to such principles alone will decide whether our new inventions in the field of atomic energy will provide mankind with an inexhaustible supply of energy and wealth, or whether mankind will perish by its abuse...."
Stuhlinger and Ordway wrote of the death of von Braun on June 16, 1977. (pgs. 329-332). His faith was deep and strong. He said, "The natural sciences deal with creation; religion deals with the Creator. The two are really complementing each other perfectly....It is inconceivable to me that there should not be something else for us after we have finished our earthly voyage."
There could be little doubt that one of the greatest scientists of all time, Wernher von Braun, was also a man, who knew that there was a Creator, who brought forth His creation, which scientists from time immemorial have attempted to describe. He described and believed in the world of the spirit, which remains after our body has finished its course on our planet. He knew all he needed to know about the created, then he got to know the Creator.
P.S. Speaking of space, I know I am treading into controversial subjects by suggesting the following three authors, but I have viewed their You Tube videos and read their books. In my opinion they are very credible:
Corso, Col. Philip J. (Ret.). The Day After Roswell. New York: Harper. 1998.
Hellyer, Paul T. The Money Mafia. Walterville, OR: Trine Day LLC. 2016.
Marrs, Jim. Alien Agenda. New York: Harper. 1998.

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Avalon Chronicles #102: "Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior"

Avalon Chronicles #102: "Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior"

by Allen B. Clark

West Point class of 1963.
Assigned to Army Special Forces Vietnam 1966-1967. Recipient Silver Star, Purple Heart, and Combat Infantryman’s Badge. Double leg amputee from mortar shrapnel.

“Allen’s story has the potential to touch many lives. It is a message of struggle, perseverance, courage, and hope,’ noted Ross Perot in the foreword to Allen’s book, Wounded Soldier Healing Warrior. (Note: Ross Perot died this month. He was always so supportive of me in many of my endeavors. My autobiography for which he wrote the Foreword officially is out of print, but some copies are still offered on Amazon, new and used).

Personal note: I had a large print run made of the following verbiage in color print format with photos. I distribute it at my presentations and to veterans and military. If anyone desires multiple copies of the tract, let me know at email above and I will mail without charge.

Twenty-two years in active military service or in service to veterans in the Department of Veterans Affairs are a part of my life. imagine I have heard the width and breadth of military experiences; the sheer terror when under fire, the sadness for those killed beside us, the regrets of the medics because not all were saved. Also, we recall the agony of the battlefield memories, the sleepless years, the triggers of war, wives talking about the weapons close at hand and the explosive tempers. There never seems to be any real lasting relief and many suffer until their deaths, albeit with counseling, psycho-therapy, group sessions and years of pills. Each of us has our own demons. In 1968 I had my own personal brush with Post Traumatic Stress after losing both legs below the knees in a mortar attack on my Special Forces camp in Vietnam. I had been back eight months and was stressed out with fears of ever walking with artificial legs, of ability to have and raise children, and of having gainful employment upon my release from Brooke General Hospital amputee ward at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. I harbored anger and sadness.

Without sleep for four days I had to be admitted to a closed psychiatric ward for fourteen weeks in duration and required individual psychotherapy for the next five years until 1973, but, by the grace and healing power of God and the love and caring of Jesus, I have needed neither anti-depressants nor a psychiatrist since then (forty years ago as of this writing). 

There are two elements that are critical to our healingresiliency and identityOur resiliency is our ability to bounce back and recover from setbacks. We have two identities, one as a patriotic, loyal, and courageous warrior. The second, and more important, is our identity as a person of faith. My own identity is as a committed and faithful Christian. This identity is reflected in four ways: 1. We all have sinned and broken God’s laws. 2. We deserve to be punished for our sins. 3. Jesus Christ died for our sins. He paid the penalty for all the guilt and sin we have committed and provided a gift to us. 4. We can only receive this gift by personal acceptance of Jesus as Savior.

Warfare of and by itself is an ultimate case of warfare of our soul and spirit, but we have the choice of allowing our healing to proceed through our religious/spiritual maturation. However, many of us turn instead to the abuse of substances to mask our problems. We succumb to the wrong choices to self-medicate.

Ultimately our ability to be healed, if not at least being able to cope with our issues, will be based upon a spiritual healing. One of the most important things we must do is forgive ourselves and others for mistakes encountered in “the fog of war.” We cannot even have a chance for healing unless we recall the issues from our military service (and before and after) that continue to be a burden to us. We must not harbor bitterness, anger, or unforgiveness to all others whose actions impacted our lives. We all have sins in our lives besides the “stupids” we committed. Unless we ask forgiveness for our sins through confession, we will not have our decks cleared to receive God’s forgiveness and begin our opportunity for spiritual healing. In God’s word it is written, “For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins” Matt. 6:14-15. It is assured that I want my sins forgiven.

A method I use for the healing process (suggested to me by minister Liberty Savard) is to audit three arenas of my life: unhealed hurts, unmet needs, unresolved issues. These are evident in all lives but especially those of us who have been to war. Once these are listed, then we must list in another column what it would take to heal the hurt, meet the need and resolve the issue. Then column three very simply is to pray that column two is satisfied. It is simple and can be a guide for all of us.

Jesus allowed me to be saved from my battlefield wounds to return and be able to live my life again. I now know He was there and with me through all my recovery and rehabilitation which continues even today as I seek to follow Him in all my ways. I have accepted Him as Savior, and know I live only by the grace of God. The rest of the story: not only have I grown in my faith over the years, but also in my height from 5’9” to 6’2” with new artificial legs!

My peace and hope is found in Jesus ChristJesus offers all who believe/trust in Him forgiveness of sin and the gift of eternal life. The Bible says,“For God loved the world so much that he gave His only Son so that anyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16).“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved” (Acts 16:31).

Trust/believe in Christ today and receive His peace. You can tell Him through a prayer like this:

Dear Jesus, I know that I am a sinner and need Your forgiveness. I believe that You died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sin, and that You rose from the dead to give me the gift of eternal life. I now trust in You as my Savior.

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you...Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." Jesus. (John 14: 27).

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Avalon Chronicles # 101: "Boot Camp for Healing and Addressing Life's Stressors"

Avalon Chronicles #101: "Boot Camp for Healing and Addressing Life's Stressors"

by Allen  B. Clark

New International Version Life Application Study Bible (NIV-LASB)
Tyndale House and Zondervan (Rev. Ed. 1983).

SUMMARY:  The following is a simple five step program for getting and keeping our lives in order and balance. This methodology also establishes us in the strong and Godly spiritual condition that allows the potential of divine healing to occur as described in the previous writing.

STEP ONE: Confess all your sins of thought, word and deed (known and unknown).

"If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." I John 1:9 (NIV-LASB)

STEP TWO: Forgive all others who have ever wronged or hurt you. Especially, forgive yourself for your own mistakes and errors in your past.

"For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins."
Matthew 6:14-15 (NIV-LASB).

STEP THREE: On a sheet of paper list the following on the left column;
Unhealed Hurts
Unresolved Issues
Unmet Needs
(This is a spiritual audit taught by Liberty Savard in her book, Shattering Your Strongholds).

STEP FOUR: In column two on the same page write down what it would take to heal the hurt, resolve the issue, and meet the need.

STEP FIVE: In column three list a specific prayer to God the Father in the Name of Jesus by the Holy Spirit that the issues in column two would be answered through your specific prayers. Call down the power of Heaven to make things happen!

Avalon Chronicles #100: "Healing"

Avalon Chronicles #100: "Divine Healing"

by Allen B. Clark

Reference: Lake, John G. (1870-1935). Divine Healing: A Gift From God. CreateSpace. 2016.
Page 31.

"Oh, beloved, when you pray, something is happening in you. It is not a myth; it is the action of God. The almighty God, by the Spirit, comes into the soul, takes possession of the brain, manifests in the cortex cells, and when you will and wish (either consciously or unconsciously) the fire of God, the power of God, that life of God, that nature of God, is transmitted from the cortex cells of the brain, throbs through your nerves, down through your person, into every cell of your being, into every cell of your brain and blood and flesh and bone, into the million, five hundred thousand cells in every square inch of your skin, and they are alive with God. That is divine healing.

Men have treated the Gospel of Jesus Christ as though it were a sentiment and foolishness. Men who posed as being wise have scorned the phenomenon taking place in the Christian every day. But beloved, no dear old mother ever knelt before the throne of God and raised her heart to Heaven without demonstrating the finest process of divine wireless transmission. In these days, they are now able to transmit by wireless from six to seven thousand miles and even twelve thousand miles recently. Once again, they have been able to demonstrate that in one-tenth of a second they can transmit the first section of thought twelve thousand miles. Think of of it! There is practically no such thing as time; it is practically done instantaneously. This explains instantaneous salvation and instantaneous healing. Beloved, the very instant your soul moves with your heart cry and your nature yearns after God, it registers in the soul of Jesus Christ, and the answer comes back. So Jesus said, 'What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.' (Mark 11: 24). and 'While [ye] are yet speaking I will hear.' (Isaiah 65:24).

I said to them, 'Gentlemen, I want you to see one more thing. You go down in your hospital and bring the man who has inflammation in the shinbone. Take your instrument and attach it to his leg; leave space enough to get my hand on his leg. You can have it attached on both sides.' So when the instrument was all ready, I put my hand on that man's shin, and I prayed just like Mother Etter prays, just as you all pray. No strange prayer, but the cry of my heart to God. I said, 'God, kill the devilish disease by the power of God. Let the Spirit live in him; let it move in him.' Then I said, 'Gentlemen, what is taking place?' They replied, 'Every cell is responding.' Beloved, all there is to healing is that the life of God comes back into the part that is afflicted, and right away the blood flows, the congested cells respond, and the work is done. That is again God's divine science in healing."

The legacy of the John G. Lake Ministry is continued in the John G. Lake Ministries in Plano, Tx.

Avalon Chronicles #99: "Civility-Part 2'

Avalon Chronicles #99: "Civility-Part 2"

by Allen B. Clark

The source for this message is the same as the previous message: my 1956 pamphlet from Gonzaga Jesuit High School in Washington, D.C., Manners and the Man. The following is quoted without an edit or paraphrase from the pamphlet in total. Admittedly these precepts and teachings may be "whistling in the wind" at a time in our culture when anything goes and the standards of behavior have taken a significant downward plunge, but without guidelines and standards to live by, we are only weeds blown about by whichever way the winds whip us.

"Good morals are always good manners; bad morals can never be good manners. Christ and His Blessed Mother had perfect manners. They are your models; imitate them and you will be refined and good. Always remember that you are a child of God and an heir of Heaven, that you were made by God to know Him, love Him, and serve Him in this life, and by this means to save your soul.

Beware of bad companions; they will ruin you. In speaking of evil associates, Christ Himself said this through His apostle St. Paul: 'Evil communications corrupt good manners.' (I Cor. 15, 33). Your companions are of the wrong kind if you are less good because of your association with them. General Robert E. Lee was known to all for his good manners. May you always remember the advice which he gave his son: 'Never do a wrong thing to make a friend or keep one.'

There is nothing manly about sin; it is an act of disloyalty to Christ, an act of surrender to His enemy, the devil. Always be loyal to Our Lord and to His service. There is something manly about virtue; in fact the very word is derived from the Latin word virtus, which signifies manliness. There never was, and there never will be a substitute for goodness; you must have the real article.

To be a boy or a man after the heart of Christ, you must be clean and pure in thought, word, and deed. The clean of heart are dear to God. Of them He said, 'Oh how beautiful is the chaste generation with glory. For the memory thereof is immortal, because it is known with God and with men...It triumpheth crowned forever, winning the reward of undefiled conflict.' (Wisdom: 4; 1, 2).

Purity in Thought. Keep your mind clean, and your words and deeds will be pure. Improper magazines, pictures, 'movies,' and shows have ruined the souls of many boys through the impure thoughts which they have caused. At times improper thought will come to your mind against your will. Never entertain them or dwell upon them, but say a short prayer and turn your thoughts to other things; keep yourself busy with work and wholesome play. God condemns impurity of thought: 'Evil thoughts are an abomination to the Lord.' (Proverbs: 15, 16).

Purity in Word. Never say a word or tell a story that will stain your soul or the souls of your companions, boys or girls. There is nothing manly about a dirty story or suggestive remark; on the contrary, improper conversation marks a man as improper company for any decent boy or girl. Listen to these words of Our Lord: 'Pure words, most beautiful, shall be confirmed by Him.' (Proverbs: 15, 16). 'He that loveth cleanliness of heart, for the grace of his lips shall have the king as his friend.' (Proverbs: 22, 11). 'Be you also in all manner of conversation holy.' (I St. Peter: 1, 15).

Purity in Deed. Nothing more becomes a manly boy than purity of action. At all times and in all places, whether alone or with others, be clean of heart. Always remember that any girl in your company is in your protection. Never by the slightest word, suggestion, or action make her less modest or less good. She is a child of Mary---and so are you. Drink and 'parked automobiles' have ruined the innocent friendship of many young people. May you always prove true to the ideals that you have been taught at Gonzaga; may you always be a ' knight without reproach.' You are a sodalist of Mary, you are a knight of Christ; through frequent prayer to her, and throughout frequent, even daily, reception of Him in the Blessed Sacrament, and through your manly cooperation with grace, you will always be a worthy knight of Gonzaga, Gonzaga will be proud of you; Mary will bless you; Christ will reward you for He said: 'Blessed are the clean of heart for they shall see God.' (St. Matthew: 5, 8).

Brave and chivalrous like the knight, Sir Gareth, in Tennyson's Idylls of the King, may you live and die with his ideals:

     'Man am I grown, a man's work must I do;
                Follow the deer? Follow Christ the King;
      Live pure, speak true, right wrong, follow the King--
                 Else, wherefore born?'"