Saturday, February 4, 2017

Avalon Chronicles #76: "How Should We Now Pray?"

by Allen B. Clark

For several decades I have kept a little note book wherein I list my prayers by sections. The first section relates to my prayers in my relationship to the Holy Trinity. What follows are my "Top Ten."

1. To have totally engrafted in me the knowledge that God created ALL things.

2. That Jesus, the Son of God, is He, Who came to earth to die for my personal sins and to show me the way to eternal life through faith in Him, which must be verbally articulated without reservation. Upon this conviction I know I will live on in eternity after earthly death.

3. That the Holy Spirit was given to us all to indwell us and move us to strength in faith, which is to be followed by good works to be a servant of others.

4. Holy Spirit, live in Me.

5. Offer praises to God for His love, grace, blessings, provision, and mercy.

6. For me not to accept our culture's non-Christian values.

7. God's Word is the power I need in obedience for direction and changes in my life. Therefore, I must read and study my Bible, not just give it lip service.

8. I ask the Holy Spirit to change me by faithful adherence to Jesus' Gospel message.

9. That daily I would audit and confess my sins of thought, word, and deed (known and unknown)  to include any resentments held toward others (which includes forgiveness), because according to 1 John 3:22, I know that my prayers are answered because I obey his commandments and do the things that are pleasing in His sight.

10. I give up constant recollection of past faults and I forgive myself for even my "stupids."