Sunday, December 2, 2018

Avalon Chronicles #94: "Soap: A Simile Both Secular and Spiritual"

Avalon Chronicles #94: "Soap: A Simile Both Secular and Spiritual"

by Allen B. Clark    

By the time one reaches a certain age plateau in life, two major approaches to expression of attitude and belief become evident. One, is that a person becomes somewhat of a curmudgeon, speaking one's mind with complete candor, sometimes in a manner that is offensive or abusive. Another, is to be spiritually aware, but reticent in expression, so as not to be "offending" or "promoting" of one's true opinion, especially in spiritual matters.

Several years ago in conversation with an individual that is on the religious speakers circuit, the topic of voicing one's Christian faith in a secular/public venue was discussed. At one time in past years it was my privilege to be the guest speaker for groups of our military returned from combat areas. I related that I was reserved about expression of my true Christian faith and how it was the means by which I healed from my own issues of Post Traumatic Stress after my severe Vietnam War wounds. It was my desire to avoid any issue of proselyting of my Christian faith. He said, "At your age, what do you have to lose?"

With the approval of my dear wife Linda, I relate to you a recent "message" she received on one of her daily walks. The thought came to her in her period of reflection and prayer as she walks, unfettered by the cares of everyday life. She contemplated the simple symbolism of a bar of soap as it relates to resentment, a sentiment in need of "cleansing." A bar of soap can only be utilized to cleanse oneself bodily, if mixed with water to release its cleansing properties.

So too only can one be cleansed of resentment, if covered by the living water of the Holy Spirit, smoothing over the venial sin of harboring a perceived insult or hurt, with confession to our God in the Name of Jesus and by the Holy Spirit with the receipt of forgiveness and restoration. The pain remains, but healing grace (unmerited favor) is provided with its softening elements.

A bar of soap now sits beside Linda adjacent to her recliner, a visible and demonstrable reminder of this holy truth placed within her spirit.