Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Avalon Chronicles #44: "Still Jesus"

Avalon Chroonicles #44: "Still Jesus"

by Allen B. Clark              allenbclark@aol.com
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     My daughter Christi called me after church this past Sunday to relate a short conversation she had had with my three year old grandson, Beau, who had just left his Sunday School class. My daughter asked him what they discussed in his class and he answered simply, "Still Jesus." I have thought about that simple answer and Linda and I discussed it. It has much more consequence and meaning than originally occured to me.
     The Sunday School lessons centered repeatedly around Jesus are the essence of all we need to know for a satisfying and meaningful spiritual life. Having our children in Sunday School classes early where the focus is Jesus is the absolute best preparation for the rest of our life. I recall the poster I saw one time, "All You Ever Need to Know You Learn in Kindergarten." I saw this on the wall of a Sunday School class at Hyde Park Baptist Church in Austin, Tx., but many will recall it. Simple things to do such as putting things up, closing doors that you open and on and on and on for every day life. The Navy Admiral who is now the head of the University of Texas system gave a speech and said the first thing one should do is to wake up and make one's bed, because that gets you off on the first accomplishment for your day.
     I remember many years ago watching the movie "MacArthur" starring Gregory Peck. It was 1943 and a scene on the ship in the Pacific where President Franklin Roosevelt and General Douglas MacArthur, my childhood hero, were meeting, made an indelible impression on me. As I recall the detail, General MacArthur had been in the Philippines for eight years and during that time had not returned to the United States. President Roosevelt said to MacArthur, "You ought to return, things are changing." General MacArthur said, "The things I believe in never change."
     When one focuses on Jesus, the Son of God, who came to earth as a real person, although divine assuredly, everything one needs to know is embodied in Him, who died on a cross, so we could have eternal life when we believe on Him. There are certain prerequisites for that meaningful life to be satisfied, but they can be learned when Jesus remains the focal point for our life as we grow and mature and take our place in our world.
     My prayer is that my dear grandson Beau, and his seven year old sister, Brooke, who came home last summer after a day at Vacation Bible School, having accepted Jesus as Savior, (as told to Christi by her teacher) will always focus on keeping the main thing, the main thing, "Still and always, Jesus." I pray that they will always keep Jesus close to their hearts.

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