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Avalon Chronicles #63: "No Dread of Death"

Avalon Chronicles #63: "No Dread of Death"

by Allen B. Clark and Linda Frost-Clark

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     The triggers of our memories are rarely deleted. Yesterday Linda went to lunch at Northpark Shopping Center in Dallas and passed the area in front of Neiman Marcus, where she looked wistfully and nostalgically upon a simple structure, that children instinctively with great glee, liked to slide down. She recollected, when her young son Vincent would rush off ahead of her to slide over and over, until she passed him and he would run to catch up.
     August 10, 2016 marks the one year anniversary of the demise of Vincent, who, at 52 and as her only child, succumbed to a probable heart attack. The normal order of life is that parents predecease their children. It has been a tumultuous year for Linda, but herewith we present you an uplifting update.
     Awhile back I recommended that Linda read Imagine Heaven by Pastor John Burke. She has read it three times! We heartily recommend it as a book to relate collected reports of a multitude of individuals, who encountered what is termed "Near Death Experiences (NDEs)," wherein they were transported to Heaven after some life-threatening situation, where they viewed Heaven's awesomeness, beauty, and unimaginable tranquility. They were allowed to return quite and decidedly unwillingly to the mundane normalcy of Mother Earth, never again to be the same. The book is an eye and soul-opener to be sure!
     Linda has had a full year to grieve Vincent's death, but she is delighted to express some of the spiritual happenings that have transpired.
     It is indeed challenging for us to hear of certain encounters and happenings in our lives that verge on the supernatural and we are wont not to lend them credence. However, when they are related by the balanced, credible, and stable person that is my dear Linda, they are distinctly believable. One morning during her quiet time she had a demonstrably strong impression from Vincent declaring, "Mom, I am so happy. Now you try to be happy too." Linda knew it was a divine communication from Vincent allowed by our Lord to comfort her. It granted her tremendous contentment and peace to know he is free from the bonds of our lives, free from pain and conflict. Because of that she knows she will be reunited and see him again. For her there is no dread of physical death because her spirit will live on.
     Linda is assured that the Lord is her strength and Vincent is with him. For several decades she has been consumed in the hours upon hours dedicated to her formal worship, Bible study, and prayer life. She received another impression from our Father, that, those endeavors and strivings to understand His Word, had created a sustenance/deposit, which can now be drawn upon to support her during this time of her grieving.
     We commend to all reading these words to be convicted and convinced that there is life in the spirit after physical death. It is available to all who confess with their mouth and believe in their heart that Jesus is Who He said He was, died on the cross for the redemption of our sins, and all who believe this simple message need not dread death. For us it means we pass on to an incredible existence in Heaven.
     "We can have the joy that overcomes the spirit of heaviness, with which we are burdened so painfully so many times and in so many ways," declares Linda. For Linda the bottom line is that God the Father in the Name of Jesus and by the Holy Spirit is the power that has sustained her because she knows her beloved Vincent is with our Lord.
     When Linda returned from her walk this morning, she related how she had prayed to the Lord to gift her the spirit of joy instead of the spirit of heaviness. With the confidence this joy displays and with the certainty that Vincent is with the Lord, this is a witness to the hope of eternal life.

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