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Avalon Chronicles #108: Time to Say Goodbye-The End Times Prophecies

Avalon Chronicles #108: Time to say Goodbye-The End Times Prophecies

by Allen B. Clark      allenbclark@aol.com
www.combatfaith.com      www.combatfaith.blogspot.com

Source: Soldiers' Blood and Bloodied Money Wars and the Ruling Elites
             Self-published fall 2019 by Allen B. Clark   Available on Amazon

This last message in my Avalon Chronicles includes writings in Chapter 3 of the above book. The following is the author's laymen, non-theological and non-doctrinal understanding of what is to come.

In the 1970s my interest in the prophecies found mainly in the Books of Daniel and Revelation in the New Testament was piqued by reading Hal Lindsey's The Late Great Planet Earth, which became my first exposure to terms such as End Time prophecies, the Rapture (taking instantly to Heaven the Believers in the Lord Jesus), the seven year Tribulation, the Anti-Christ, the false prophet, and the 1000 year Millennial Kingdom. All these new terms became almost overwhelming to comprehend. Up until that time my faith walk was pretty simplistic, my "head knowledge" of Jesus Christ after my earthly demise, supposedly ensured my waking up in Heaven. That was enough for me. But, I began a quest to put all the "prophecies" in their place in my steadily maturing spiritual consciousness. Once I was "Born Again," as it is termed in evangelical circles, I appropriated Jesus with "heart knowledge," the personal relationship with the Savior, who loves me and cares about me individually. The New Testament lays out a game plan for me to live a life dedicated to goodness. It is a lifelong journey and will not be over in my quest for righteousness until I breathe my last breath. However, I have the basics down: I will continue to sin by my own sinful human nature, I will confess my sins, ask forgiveness, and Jesus will forgive me. Hopefully, I will heal from my behavior and attitude that caused the sin and sin no more. I will forgive all others AND myself. That is the key to my Basic Christian Training.

Over the decades I came to grips that there really was an earth around prior to the 6000 years ago of the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. I understood that there had to be something previous. After all, how does one explain the dinosaurs, etc.? All the scientists did carbon dating and aged our actual planet. I bought that. Then I had to comprehend the disobedience in the Garden. Satan slithered in and Adam and Eve, because God had granted them free will, exercised free will to be disobedient. Thereafter all of us mere mortals have had to be subject to the same choices (to choose good over evil) on a tactical level individually in our personal lives and humanity (through the millennia) to avoid evil and choose the greater good on a strategic or corporate level.

Humans came out of the early civilizations in the fertile crescent (modern day Turkey, Iraq, and Iran) and populated the earth for the next 4000 years. It was a time of much heartache, bloodshed, and horror for humanity. God began to establish a "way out" from all the fears, barbarity, and savagery for all history to that time by establishing in the Promised Land the Hebrew nation. The history of this nation had its ups and downs to put it simply. During the history of the Jewish nation, founded by the  God of Creation, to be good and do good for the people, there arose up some very evil kings, which caused God to inspire prophecies to be proclaimed as to the destiny of governments and people hundreds and thousands of years into the future. The most auspicious ones in the Old Testament related to the approximately ONE HUNDRED that proclaimed the coming on the world scene of One, to be called by Christians, the Messiah. The Jews believe the Messiah did not come 2000 years ago, but is still to come. Muslims believe Jesus was only a prophet.

In the Old Testament there are extraordinary prophecies related in part by the Hebrew prophets Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel among others that foretold the eventual empires that would evolve as well as prophecies even up to the current day added upon by John at Ephesus decades after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

These prophecies are most relevant today for all of us because they prophesy that the chaos, suffering, murderous regimes, and warfare in the world  become so overwhelming that humanity eventually will accept a Satan-inspired world leader, who will promise peace and prosperity to include a world religion (overseen by a false prophet), if the earthly power is given over to him.

Students of history and current day events, who are able to tear themselves away from the everyday distractions of a non-faith-based life and all its fleshly, prideful and egotistical aspects, will observe with some degree of wisdom what is going on in our world. They will recognize that we have not gotten better as humans. We have gotten worse. The bloodshed of our wars, the crime in our lands, the mistreatment and abuse of children, the meanness of so many, and the breakdown of our civilized lands, all lead to a desire for peace at any price. This Antichrist will offer peace and tranquility. It will be so for a time. But, there will arise continued warfare and pain, sorrow, and suffering and God will bring secular earthly history to a close by a final and epic battle on a space in northern current day Israel, south of Nazareth and west of the Galilee. There will be fought the final cataclysmic battle called Armageddon. Jesus will return for the second time (as believed by those of the Christian faith) and will usher in the final 1000 year Millenial Kingdom followed by Eternity.

This has been a ride for your author, 108 Avalon Chronicles over seven years. It has been a pleasure to write them, both patriotic and spiritual. I have been heartened mightily by responses I have received over the years from many kind readers. The writing of what is to come in fulfillment of Biblical prophecies hundreds and even thousands of years ago is a appropriate closing point for my thoughts and beliefs to be expressed. I thank you for enabling me to believe they have had meaning and import in at least a few lives. God bless and keep you and yours and our nations. Peace be with you.

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