Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Avalon Chronicles # 109: Update for The Honorable Allen B. Clark and Combat Faith Ministry

Avalon Chronicles # 109: Update for the Honorable Allen B. Clark and Combat Faith Ministry

Contact at:

Lay Ministry web site for healing especially for veterans and active duty military:

Allen has established a new Youtube Channel to add to his lay ministry to military and others:

On this web site may be learned more about Allen Clark and his mentoring of others.

In September 2019 Clark self-published his third book titled:

Soldiers' Blood and Bloodied Money 
               Wars and the Ruling Elites

 Available on Amazon. Please note Five Star reviews!

 After four years of research and writing, this book was published. It is a testimony to Clark's faith that allowed him to heal from the Combat Operating Stressors he endured, after becoming wounded in a mortar attack in 1967 in Vietnam, necessitating amputation of both his legs below his knees.

He also studied and identified many segments of society through history that caused wars for personal profit or achievement of more political or economic power. He relates the consequences of these wars in the casualties, not only to the military, but also to the civilian populations. In this volume he wrote about America's Revolutionary War, the Civil War 1861-1865, the Spanish-American War, and the warfare in Central America, which he calls the "Banana Wars."

He has dedicated his life to serving others and was led to establish these various opportunities to assist others in healing and their personal walks of faith.

God bless and keep any and all, who are led to these Avalon Chronicles.

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